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About "Al Saif Real Estate"

Al Saif Real Estate is an active investor in emerging markets, innovatory initiatives and growth companies. We own key real estate in numerous cities, office and residential towers, the largest Computer Market in Saudi Arabia and also are proprietor of prominent raw lands for development and future projects .

Our drive, as ever, is to expand into growth areas that will deliver our full potential. Our continuing success requires deep understanding of our markets, an astute business psychology and a shared vision with our partners .

Our Vision

Our clients are our top priority, we value our relationships with them over the transactions. Our goal is to go above and beyond to deliver a package and experience to our clients that is second to none .

Our Mission

Al Saif Real Estate shall continue to offer homes and business units with the main goal of becoming eco-efficient, one step at a time. By going green you not only saving the environment, but also saving on energy and material costs .


We believe that adaptability, honesty, integrity, positive and motivated attitude to grow are the keys to the success of any engagement and in ensuring a long-term trusted partner relationship with our clients. We strive to understand our customer’s businesses and their markets and work together in a flexible manner to their individual requirements and changing needs .


Social Responsibility

The Al Saif Real Estate believes that international business is about more than just growth and profitability. We appreciate that the way in which we engage with people and our community as a whole is integral to the success of our overall business strategy.



The Al Saif Real Estate recognizes that climate change is a very serious issue. We are therefore committed to minimizing any adverse effect that our business may have on the environment, for today and for generations to come. We are equally as committed to helping our clients to minimize their own contributions to climate change by helping to effectively reduce power consumption and wasted energy. As a member of the international business community, we take our responsibilities seriously and we continually strive to improve our own environmental performance in the following areas.

Our Business

We are committed to reducing our carbon and environmental footprint, reducing our energy consumption, minimizing our carbon emissions and cutting the usage and waste of water, paper and consumables. We strive to recycle and to comply with local statutory requirements within our operating regions and we continually monitor environmental issues that may result from our business or services and aim to resolve these as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our People

Nurturing an awareness of environmental issues amongst our staff and making them an integral part of our sustainability initiatives is key to the success of our environmental programs. We work with our employees to help them understand how they can contribute individually to the company’s environmental objectives and how they can help to directly reduce carbon emissions and their own personal impact on the environment and the world around them.

Our clients

Through the services we provide and the advice that we give we aim to promote the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for our clients. Operating to the principles of Green Business, we work with our clients to encourage full life-cycle and environmental thinking so that environmental impacts are minimized and energy efficiencies are maximized.

Our partners and suppliers

The level of environmental responsibility demonstrated by our current or potential suppliers and partners has a big impact on our procurement decisions as we endeavor to promote our values throughout our supply chain.


and Inclusion

As a leading consulting services provider we recognize that our people are our business and that our diversity is fundamental to our success. We operate across multi-cultural, multi-lingual territories and work with a diverse spectrum of international clients across a broad range of different market sectors. To understand our clients and their different cultures, languages and traditions, diversity and inclusion in our workplace is not an option, it is a must-have. We therefore strive to attract the best talent from around the world and to encourage a workplace of equal opportunity where anyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy a fair, safe and rewarding working environment.

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